The Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Not to mention that it serves as a sanctuary for families, and is integral to safety. That’s why when a robbery or home invasion occurs, it can feel deeply violating on so many different levels. Here, we break down the benefits of having a home alarm system to protect yourself, your belongings, and of course, those you love.  
  1. Deter Crime– The best way to protect your home? Try and deter crime before it even happens. With a home alarm system, you can put a sticker or lawn sign out that alerts possible criminals of the security capabilities of your property. If robbers are worried there might be surveillance or a direct line to a call center, there is a greater chance they might have second thoughts about trying to break into your property.
  1. Lower Insurance Rates– On a purely transactional level, many homeowners’ insurance companies will offer discounts on your premium if you have a home alarm system installed— saving you money in the long run that might even outweigh the cost of installing and maintaining the system to begin with.
  1. Fire and Gas Notifications– Alarm systems are not just for home invasions; they can also come fully equipped to be on the lookout for other issues with the house such as detecting smoke in the area, or unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide, then notify you accordingly.
  1. Provides Remote Access– Modern alarm systems also allow you to see who is at your residence through video capabilities, and have the technology to allow you to grant them access to enter, even if you are not home. This can come in handy for unexpected visits from family, giving entry to your children after school, or even for deliveries or repair people you trust to enter and do their business.
  1. Save Energy– A number of home security systems in this day and age also feature information about energy usage, providing you the option to turn off utilities to the house—or parts of it— when not in use. Not only is this good for the wallet, but it also helps to lessen your environmental impact through monitoring your utility usage.
  1. Protecting Valuables– Of course, there is also one of the most common uses for a home alarm system: to protect your valuables. By providing video footage and alerting control centers, alarm systems can help put your mind at ease whether you are asleep, on a work trip, or enjoying a vacation that your belongings will be there safe when you return.
  There is no shortage of reasons for why a home alarm system might be the right move for you and your family. Whether you are protecting your valuables when you aren’t home, protecting your family when you are, or are saving money or energy, a home alarm system is definitely worth consideration. Feel free to reach out to us for more information to learn about the many great options that are available to you.

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