Access Control

Keystream Security provides intelligent access control solutions starting from basic single entry and covering full scale high security facilities. Personnel gain access with their credentials or their smartphone. Make changes or grant access instantly from the cloud. Maintain full control of movement throughout your buildings every minute of the day. 

Access Control Made Simple

Controlling who comes and goes each moment at your business should be convenient and intuitive. We offer cloud based solutions which allows control from anywhere you are. No need to be at your facility to let in a guest, remove access for a lost key card or run a report to check activity at a door. Fully scalable & cost effective enough for just one door but capable of handling multiple buildings. Our systems are sleek, reliable & built to endure years of use in harsh environments. Whether it’s in the cloud or a traditional wired panel, your information is safe & secure.

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Intrusion Detection System

Full Spectrum Access Control

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Access Control

Access points guard your facility allowing the right people in at the right time of day. Use cards, codes or smartphones to grant access.

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Cloud Management

Mobile apps allow you to grant access, check the status of doors & locks all in the palm of your hand. Manage while on the go.

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Visitor Management

Track who visits your business & where they have access. Grant access remotely when no one is able to greet them.

Intrusion Detection Systems


Surveillance provides a video record for every event. Real-time monitoring tracks security breaches when they happen.

Intrusion Detection and alarm system

Lock Integration

Security starts at the door. Durable electronic locks and devices are crucial. Our locksmiths get the right lock for any application.

You Are In Control No Matter Where You Are


If you have internet,

you can connect


Open doors remotely,

grant access instantly

network intrusion detection systems


Set up can be customized, is intuitive and easy of use


Update and add new users instantly, add a photo for added security

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With more than 10 years providing security solutions inside Maryland and Washington D.C., Keystream Security quickly gained momentum and garnered respect in the industry by implementing our systems into thousands of homes and facilities.

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