Smart Home Security

Stay comfortable while you control everything from your smartphone or tablet. Operate lights & thermostat, view cameras, arm & disarm your security alarm system and more..

Everything Is Connected

The future of alarms and automation has arrived while technology continues to improve products every day. Convenience and security work hand in hand to improve the quality of life while keeping us safe. Many of us stay busy and home automation helps us get more accomplished in our day. Total Connect 2.0 mobile app by Honeywell keeps you informed of important alarm activity while it connects to your Wi-Fi Honeywell wireless HD surveillance cameras.

Custom Security & video surveillance systems

Standard Home Security
$49 Down & $36 per month*

Premium Smart Home Security
Includes Voice Control with Alexa
$149 Down & $40 per month*

*New clients with 36-month agreement

Sleek & Dependable Smart Security

With stylish touchscreens, our alarms connect through Alarmnet360 –  one of the leading smart home security platforms. The all-in-one alarm panel communicates over cellular and Wi-Fi. Along with a self contained battery backup inside, it is completely self resilient in the most critical moments. Supervision from our central monitoring station ensures your alarm is working correctly 24/7.

Keystream Security is locally owned and headquartered here in Silver Spring, Maryland. Because all our technicians are fully trained and possess experience in multiple security trades, you’ll get the expert installation you deserve!

You're Connected Wherever You Happen To Be

Systems that keep you safe and on the go. You don’t need to worry whether your alarm is armed or your door is locked. With a quick tap on your smartphone you can ensure everything safe, secure and the way you’d like inside your home. Get the reliability of a mobile app built by Honeywell.

Smart Apps

Smart Apps

Connect easily right from your smartphone and share with your family.



Control lights, thermostats and more. Set schedules to fit your lifestyle.
Smart Home Security near you
Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Ensure your home is secure and unlock your doors remotely for your guests when away.

Protect your family from Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Flooding

When your alarm system is armed, Keystream Security is monitoring each door, window and entry point. While unarmed, your panel is still hard at work protecting you. First responders will be ready when smoke or carbon monoxide are detected. You’ll be alerted at the first sign of any flooding. Panic buttons can instantly dispatch the police, fire department or medical when activated. 

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and heat sensors detector the first signs of a fire. You’re alerted when carbon monoxide rise to dangerous levels so you can get to safety. Get fire and CO protection in your home every minute of the day.

Environment Monitoring

Environment Monitoring

Temperatures can drop suddenly causing pipes to burst. Alerts are sent when the temperature drops & you’re at risk. If flooding or overflowing does occur, you’ll know within minutes of the problem.

Emergency Medical Attention

Emergency Medical Attention

You never know when someone will have an accident or need medical assistance. Rest assured because emergency responders are a press of a button away even when a phone is not available.

Smart Home Security From Honeywell

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