Intrusion Detection

Keystream Security security solutions offer total control of your systems at your fingertips. Alerts and commands directly from your smartphone. Full scale protection requires an in-depth and experienced approach, let the experts in the industry design the right system just for your facility.

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Honeywell is an industry pioneer that has developed many of the groundbreaking advances that have shaped today’s commercial security systems.

Protect Your Business Today

Loss of time, capital or worse can be averted with a properly functioning intrusion detection system. Let Keystream Security design a tailored system to deter theft, vandalism and protect the safety of your staff and guests. Our systems discourage would be thieves and can prevent these occurrences from ever happening.

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Systems Integration Solutions

Keystream Security can integrate your burglar alarm with all your other electronic and physical security needs. We can combine your intercom, access control & surveillance cameras to work together allowing seamless operation of your facility. Get the alerts that matter on your desktop & mobile apps or indicator panels. Alarm verification will reduce false alarms and disruptions while putting your staff at ease.

Burglar & Fire Alarm.. One Panel

Keystream Security can simplify the complex inner workings of a well designed alarm by incorporating all the security and life safety into one panel. One panel means lower maintenance and less down time for your business. Single-source alarm monitoring is more convenient, reliable and allows us to service more efficiently.

Top Rated By Businesses Across Maryland & Washington DC

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With more than 10 years providing security solutions inside Maryland and Washington D.C., Keystream Security quickly gained momentum and garnered respect in the industry by implementing our systems into thousands of homes and facilities.

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