As your business grows and becomes more complex. So do your security needs. This is where Keystream Security’s State of the Art Access Control and communication systems come in. From Simple single door buzzers to high end card reader and intercom systems, we have your business covered. Call us today at 855-811-5625 and speak to a security systems consultant who will help you design an Access Control System that fits your needs, on your budget. We stand behind our systems with leading brands such as iEi, Linear Continental, Alarm Lock, Honeywell, Rosslare, Net Access, Schlage , and many more!

Just some of the benefits of Access Control: Access Restriction and Turnover Management, Scalable Security, Better Communications systems.

Access Restriction and Personnel Management

Good old fashioned keys only go so far in restricting access. Why? Because so long as someone has a key, they can get in whenever they wish, regardless of whether or not permission has been granted by the organization. Access control systems allow you to schedule restrictions as well as add or remove personnel electronically. Best of all, it can all be done from the cloud! Enabling you to act fast when assets are at stake, all while saving valuable resources which would have otherwise been spent on Locksmith Services, new keys, locks etc.

Scalable Security

With our state of the art Access Control Systems, the sky is the limit. You can certainly wire a 1 door buzzer into a storefront and leave it at that. Perhaps, you are looking to scale a system to a multi-unit apartment building or an education institution. Our systems can be scaled as needed and provide many large facilities with features such as:

  • Audit Capabilities – Who, When ,Where
  • Card, Keyfob Access
  • Integration with Alarm and Surveillance Systems
  • Personnel management
  • And much more, all from the convenience of mobile cloud systems such as tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Telephone Entry Systems – Strength in Communication

It goes without saying, clear channels of communications build stronger, more efficient businesses. Intercom systems allow you to grant access and communicate with different areas in your facility without interrupting workflow. These systems can be scaled to as few or as many doors as your facility requires Call us today at 855-811-5625 to discuss how a State-Of-The-Art Intercom system can be integrated into your business.

Call 855-811-5625 And speak with a security systems consultant about a free estimate for your business.